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About me:


Name:   Madame Thea
Age:  soon 30  - Birthday 18. Mai.
Height: 178cm
Weight: 58kg
Fetish: Findome
Haircolor: blond
Eyecolor: green
Foot Size: 41 ( Us: Female 10)

Paypigs, Cashslaves, C&G, Moneyslaves, Humanatm, Pets,

  •   Sissification
  •   Tease and Denial
  •   CBT
  •   Bimbo Training
  •   Cuckolding
  •   Financial Domination
  •   RL Control
  •   Chastity
  •   Foot, ass and leg worship
  •   Orgasm control and denial
  •   Ruined orgasms
  •   TPE (Total Power exchange)


Fakeslaves, Greedy Bastards, "wannabe slaves", i am also not into real female slaves, also no switchers.
NO-GO, Offlimit stuff:  Ageplay is and will be a NO- NO - NO GO! Also Zoostuff and everything thats illegal!
You want to be mine?

If you seek financial domination or Findom, then I already know more about you than you care to admit.
 I know you seek a special sort of control that only a woman like Me can offer.
I know you seek a higher purpose that only comes from handing over your hard earned cash
 to a Superior Woman who deserves the finest things in life, while you toil away solely to make
Me happy.

There is a reason that you are here. you are curious. You are driven by your emotions and most and foremost you do want more!

If you made it this far you hopefully know your place hoping that i might allow it to take it a step further with you - considering you as my property.

I know what's best for you and i use you exactly how I think it's appropriate. Life is full off decisions its stressful and exhausting: I'm here to  free your mind I guide you to fulfill your true destiny where you serve a true Princess without any other worries on your mind.

You simply can't help it you need to give into your desire trying to fill that empty spot in your heart .
I know all about your frisky little kinks cause to me your mind is like an open book ready to be taken over by me.

I am your special something your drug your future addiction. It will be your privilege your honor to spoil me. We both realize how it would make your cock twitch seeing my pretty feet in some shoes that you just bought for me or being able to admirer my beauty in a new hot dress that i got from you. At the end of the day you just need to put a little smile on my face in order to feel happiness yourself because only pleasing me pleases yourself .........

I'm a powerful Woman exploiting each and every weakness you might have and trust me I have seen them all.

I teased plenty of men by nothing more then a sheer wiggle of my toes
I trained secret sissies to be a perfect cocksucker
I showed pathetic wimps the true definition of Humiliation
I entered Minds by the power of hypnosis

Now don't be shy

Dare to enter my world - dare to be yourself - dare to be mine.

Madame Thea